Cherry Pie x Blueberry Syrup


Cherry Pie x Blueberry Syrup
Flower Time:
63 Days


Calco did it again with this amazing Blueberry Syrup line, that captures everything we love and enjoy in DJ Shorts classic Blueberry (indica). Blueberry Syrup is Dj Shorts Blueberry cut x the Humble Pie (Dungeons Vault Genetics), the Humble Pie is Cherry Pie x Grandpa’s Breath (OG Kush x (GDP X Tahoe OG)). This line is heavily worked, the blue’s, the red’s (cherry) and the purple’s.

The legendary Cherry Pie needs no introduction. Arguably one of best strains of all time, the Cherry Pie is the key to most of genetics that are around today. Cherry Pie is F1 Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purple. This is staple to the Girl Scout Cookies, gelatos and anything related.


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