Cherry Girl


808 Genetics
Cherry Girl –
Cherry Gasoline (Crippy x Cherry Pie Bx) X Haole Girl BX3


Cherry Girl is Cherry pie meets wedding cake – all over powered with fuel, diesel thanks to the Crippy ancestors on both sides. This is for the high end exquisite smoker that needs that extra power. The Mother, Cherry Gas (aka the face melter) is Cherry Cupcake (Cherry Pie Bx) crossed with the Crippy. The father, Haole Girl BX3, the third generation BX of Wedding Cake x Crippy, think creamy gasy kush. This is extremely limited drop only 30 packs ever made, we are so lucky and grateful to have it here exclusively at Irie Heights Seed Bank. Blessed with the Best by Jake and Moana at 808 Genetics..


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