About Us

Irie Heights manifested itself after founder, Blake Halverson (@Braddah_Blake) got fed up with where Cannabis genetics was heading in today’s industry. Irie Heights is a collection of the best breeders and strongest genetics in the industry.
The birth of Irie Heights was fueled by inspiration and the creative journey of breeding. We felt we had a duty to this sacred plant to, collect, create, and preserve the finest genetics around. We take pride in knowing that we only carry strains that we would be smoking, and these carefully chosen strains come from a very exclusive handful of breeders that make the cut with the finest genetics craft cannabis offers.

808 Genetics

808 Genetics was founded on Kauai in 2014. Kauai is known as the Garden Island, is home to one of the wettest spots on Earth, and has many microclimates to test cannabis cultivars. Being born and raised on the island has enabled @supakauai to select the perfect microclimate to create premium seeds.

Hawaii is loved for its warm tropical weather and intense sunshine, which allow year-round outdoor crops of cannabis, giving us the opportunity to rapidly progress our genetics. All of our seeds are grown organically with absolutely no harmful pesticides, and infused with probiotics during development.

From start to finish, we are dedicated to producing exotic souvenirs of the highest quality using only sustainable farming techniques. All pollen is collected in a glass jar and examined by @supakauai to ensure excellence. Our seeds mature under the Hawaiian sun with all OMRI ingredients, including Kauai farm fresh aloe, coconut water, and honey. The ocean breezes carry beneficial microbes through our garden, allowing us to produce the best seeds possible. No artificial lighting is used, only the full light spectrum, promoting natural development for an exquisite lightning bolt seed with striping everywhere.

Gage Green

Gage Green Group brings passion, excitement, art and love into the world by cultivating boutique cannabis seeds. Our cannabis seeds are grown as nature intended; using only probiotic, natural, organic, & biological methods. We seek to preserve the ancestry of the herb and exotic landrace species through our compositions. Every unique cross embodies a unique contribution to the landscape of Gage.

Green Bodhi

Green Bodhi has been a key player in the cannabis industry in both Oregon and California for the last 20 years. His focus has been cultivation education in combination with high level Buddhist teachings which integrate into the cultivation practice. These practice along with sourcing the highest level of organic inputs combine to create the methodology we call “Intentional Horticulture”.

Pacific NorthWest Roots

Ras Kaya Paul, founder of Pacific Northwest Roots, has never taken an outside investment, and has always maintained his vision on his own terms. PNW Roots takes pride in growing outdoors under natural sun to capture full terpene profile and perfect flower for hash. Showing off their Washington climate through their genetics, to truly display what the great Pacific Northwest is about.