Blue City Diesel X Blueberry Syrup


Blue City Diesel X Blueberry Syrup
Flower time: 8+ weeks


Calco did it again with this amazing Blueberry Syrup line, that captures everything we love and enjoy in DJ Shorts classic Blueberry (indica). Blueberry Syrup is Dj Shorts Blueberry cut x the Humble Pie (Dungeons Vault Genetics), the Humble Pie is Cherry Pie x Grandpa’s Breath (OG Kush x (GDP X Tahoe OG)). This line is heavily worked, the blue’s, the red’s (cherry) and the purple’s.

The Blue City Diesel that was crossed with the Blueberry Syrup, is the Blueberry x New York City Diesel.
This strain gonna be pure Blueberries, and gas, with some musky cherrish purplish nodes.


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